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January 26, 2018

Co-op Test Map

Test map

Update: This map is discontinued. All and more testing commands are available in my [MM] maps.

Recently, I was messing around in the Galaxy Editor. My original intent was to test new balance changes to Co-op, but I wanted to have better functionality and UI first. And as does anything with the Galaxy Editor, it took quite a bit of time to make it work. Nevertheless, it's working satisfactorily now. It's not perfect, but good enough for messing around and trying out things. I thought I would share it.

What is possible now:

  • Spawn enemy waves with any tech, size and AI personality
  • Control player and enemy upgrades and research
  • Fastbuild
  • "Infinite" money
  • Vision over the entire map
  • Stopping mission from progressing
  • Refilling preplaced units
  • and more...

The map is based on Terin's speedrun mod, which already has basic functionality for choosing commanders, their levels and masteries. I've chosen Void Thrashing map because it's simple and well known. There are some hooks to the mission triggers, but it would be easy to port it to other maps. Preplaced units are always Terran. To try this map out, use one of these links (click on it here or copy paste into the in-game chat and click there):

It's not perfect, so message me any bugs you encounter or suggestions for useful features. I plan to use it mainly for my testing, but I might implement upcoming balance changes as they are announced for current commanders.

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