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January 10, 2019

Memes – extension mod


Since I already added the option to show meme faces to my maps and Co-op mod, I created this simple extension mod "Memes". It can be added to any melee game. Apart from eye-catching meme faces, there are no gameplay and visual changes.

Currently, it's a winter season and so all memes wear fancy Christmas hats. One team has glorious Troll faces, while the other team has Pepes. Pepes will become happy when selected. Troll faces will change to "LUL" when a unit gets a kill. "Mother of God" face is used when a nuclear missile is launched.

FeelGoodMan & FeelsBadMan

Meme faces are attached with a text tag function to the head attachment point of unit's model. If the model doesn't have a head, the image will be attached above the model. It's a simple 2D image and not a 3D model. This way it captures the artistic style of memes better.

Enemy troll faces
The fight of memes begins

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