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Mutator Compendium
This is a list of mutators for StarCraft 2 Co-op with detailed information. Data was obtained from StarCraft editor. Contact me if there are any errors or missing information. For information on maps check speedrunning document, and CtG's Weekly Mutation Database for the list of weekly mutations.

Note: All mutator-spawned units won't drop biomass or essence. Furthermore, units spawned by Alien Incubation, Outbreak, Void Reanimators, Walking Infested, Turkey Shoot and Trick or Treat won't cause Alien Incubation or Walking Infested to spawn additional units. Units that timed out won't trigger Alien Incubation, Walking Infested or create a corpse for Void Reanimators.

  • Format {1/2/3/4} is used to write down numbers that are different for each difficulty option - casual/normal/hard/brutal. In the example, "1" is for casual, "2" for normal, "3" for hard and "4" for brutal.
  • (a,b] indicates interval between a and b with a excluded and b included. However, I will be using it as random or any number that belongs to that interval. ">a" means (a,∞), "a+" means [a,∞).
Afraid of the Dark
Vision provided by all sources is extremely limited except when in view of your camera.
  • Main structures (Hatchery, Command Center, Nexus, etc.) have sight range {9/9/7/7}.
  • The rest of structures have {4/3/2/2}, this includes Zeratul's cannon projections.
  • Units have 0 sight range. Upgrades and effects that increase sight range provide bonus vision.
  • Zeratul's Xel'Naga Watchers (Observers) provide vision with Sensor Array upgrade (3rd artifact + Contructs Bay) – 5.5 radius in normal mode, 8.5 in Surveillance mode.
  • Stukov's Ocular Symbiote grants vision (5 radius).
  • GDM Visor upgrade for Tychus' Fixers with max mastery grants vision (1.5 radius).
  • Nova's Elite Marines have 2 vision with Laser Targeting System upgrade.
  • Raynor's Scanner Sweep provides normal vision.
  • Call in the Fleet (Han and Horner) requires vision for it to be effective.
  • Napalm Payload (from Strike Fighters) provide vision for it duration (10s).
  • Spotlight radius = 4+{7/6/3/3}*[1-((distance to the closest friendly unit)/12)].
  • Unexplored terrain is visible on low and medium shaders (graphic settings).
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Aggressive Deployment
Additional enemy units are periodically deployed onto the battlefield.
  • Spawns are separate for each player.
  • The first spawn is at {6:10/ 5:40/ 5:20/ 4:50}.
  • Additional spawns each {4:10/ 3:50/ 2:50/ 2:10}.
  • Drop locations prioritize player's units. Structures, workers, Queens and units with 0 supply (majority of hero units and calldowns) or units with no weapons are excluded.
  • If no unit is found, drops are randomly spawned in (25,40) distance from starting locations.
  • If the randomly chosen unit, around which the drop pod will spawn, has no valid ground pathing to the player's starting location, the drop won't spawn at all. This way of preventing drop pods from spawning is generally useful only for commanders with good static defenses or hero only runs.
  • Size and tech increase as time goes on. <Power, Tech> levels: <1,1> → <2,1> → <3,2> → <4,2> → <4,3> → <4,4> → <5,5> → <5,6>.
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Alien Incubation
All enemy units spawn Broodlings upon death.
  • The number of Broodlings is equal to the unit's supply cost, with the minimum of one.
  • Broodling has 30 HP, light, biological and summoned attributes; 4 damage, 6.2dps
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Enemy units gain increased attack speed, movement speed, armor, life, and life-regeneration when nearby enemy units die.
  • Each stack grants +10% attack speed, movement speed, life and shields, 0.3 armor, 1 health and shield regeneration.
  • The maximum number of stacks is 10.
  • When a unit is killed, the number of stacks given equals to the supply cost of the killed unit.
  • The maximum effective distance, over which units can gain stacks, is 1.25 edge-edge (not center-center).
  • Mind-controlled/reclaimed units lose their avenger buff.
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Enemy units and structures gain a temporary shield upon the first time they take damage.
  • Barrier triggers when units or structures are damaged.
  • One-shot kills won't trigger the Barrier.
  • 100 shield with 5s duration.
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Black Death
Some enemy units carry a plague that deals damage over time and spreads to other nearby units. The plague spreads to your units when the enemy unit is killed.
  • Units lose 2% health per second (it ignores shields).
  • Black Death interrupts out-of-combat healing (Nova's mastery, Swann's upgrade, Horner's Endurance Training, etc. ) and Protoss shield regeneration.
  • Heroes will respawn without Black Death. Fenix's suit switching will remove Black Death. Nova's basic health regeneration is enough for her not to die.
  • Workers on Kerrigan's Malignant Creep will out-regenerate Black Death.
  • Units in Nydus Worms don't take damage from Black Death. But units in other transports will take damage.
  • Units that die in transports (and carriers, bunkers,...) can infect units around transport and transport unit itself. But they won't infect other units inside transport.
  • Infection range is 5.
  • Enemy units have {5/10/20/33}% chance to carry Black Death.
  • An infected unit can infect {1/1/2/3} other units upon death.
  • Spider Mines can become infected when they unburrow.
  • If Black Death is cycled out during Wheel of Misfortune, it will be removed from enemy units but your units will keep it. Furthermore, it will stick to heroes even after they respawn.
  • Vorazun strategy
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Storm clouds move across the map, damaging and freezing player units in their path.
  • Blizzard has 5 radius and 0.7 movement speed.
  • It does 5dps and slows units' movement speed from -10% to -82% after 5s.
  • Stukov's Infested Bunkers can out-heal Blizzard when rooted.
  • Blizzard becomes safe once they enter Mutator Safety Zones.
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Boom Bots
Uncaring automatons carry a nuclear payload toward your base. One player must discern the disarming sequence and the other player must enter it.
  • Bots do not die on explosion. Bots are shown on the minimap.
  • Digits are visible only to one player. And only the other player can defuse the bot by selecting it and inputting the correct number.
  • Higher difficulties have more digits in the number: {1,2,3,4} (casual, normal, hard, brutal)
  • Correctly inputted digits stay visible and are shown in green.
  • Incorrect input puts you on timer for {1,3,5,8} seconds before you can try again.
  • Incorrect input increases the bot's movement speed by {0, 0.25, 0.5, 1} with each incorrect input. The maximum bonus is +4.75 movement speed.
  • Boom Bots start at 1.25 movement speed.
  • Boom bots spawn from random enemy structures. Timings on Brutal:
  • 2:30 (1 bot) 11:30 (1 bot)
    4:00 (1 bot) 13:00 (2 bots)
    5:30 (1 bot) 14:10 (2 bots)
    7:00 (1 bot) 15:20 (2 bots)
    8:30 (1 bot) 16:30 (2 bots)
    10:00 (1 bot) .....
  • Nuke cooldown is 10s.
  • Bots explode in the same way as Going Nuclear mutator – 750 (950 vs structure) damage (100% in 4 radius, 50% in 6 radius and 25% in 8 radius).
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Chaos Studios
Mutators are chosen at random and periodically cycle throughout the mission.
  • The list of rotating mutators.
  • The first rotation is at 4:30. Then each after 1:45.
  • There is 15s of downtime between the old mutator being disabled and the new one enabled.
  • Propagators, Slim Pickings and Mineral Shields can't be in the first three mutators.
  • Mutators can be chosen repeatedly, but can't be active multiple times at once.
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Concussive Attacks
Player units are slowed by all enemy attacks.
  • 50% movement speed reduction.
  • 60s duration.
  • Affects mobile structures as well.
  • Medivac Pickup removes the debuff.
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Previously explored areas remain blacked out on the minimap while outside of player vision.
  • Attack waves, main and bonus objectives are not visible on the minimap unless you have direct vision on them.
  • On Miners Evacuation, attacks targeting ships are visible on the minimap.
  • Void Rifts are still visible on the minimap.
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Damage dealt to enemies is split evenly across all nearby units, including your own.
  • The amount of diffused damage is {25/30/40/50}% of the inflicted damage.
  • Only damage dealt to Amon's units is diffused.
  • Total damage is conserved.
  • Damage is reflected in radius of 5.
  • Diffusion does affect buildings.
  • If the unit taking damage is killed, the killing damage won't be diffused.
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Your units also receive all the damage they deal, but they are healed over time.
  • 100% of damage done is reflected.
  • Structures are affected.
  • The damage is healed with the rate of  8 HP and shields/game second.
  • Structure Overcharge, Sabotage Drone and Shadow Fury don't reflect damage back.
  • Zeratul's Cleave reflects only the damage dealt to the first target.
  • Void Apparitions don't reflect damage back to Ambusher.
  • Zagara's Baneling Barrage doesn't reflect when it hits enemy units, but it does reflect when it hits structures.
  • Kerrigan is invulnerable for the majority of time when casting Immobilization Wave. Only newly created units or units that are far away—in distance from 26 to 31 (center-center)—will reflect damage back.
  • Carrier, Brood Lords and Swarmhosts don't take damage when their spawned units deal damage.
  • Abathur's Symbiotes don't reflect damage back to Ultimate Evolutions.
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Eminent Domain
Enemies gain control of your structures after destroying them.
  • Destroyed structures have their life and shields fully restored.
  • Units in bunkers are captured as well.
  • Nydus Worms or Uprooted Infested Bunkers can't be stolen.
  • Stetellites won't be stolen, but they will be permanently destroyed on their second death.
  • Tesseract Projections will get stolen, but they have timed life. Original Tesseract Cannons/Monoliths are unaffected.
  • Flying terran structures will get stolen, but AI won't land them.
  • Stolen structures will try to produce units (random campaign units).
  • Structures won't be stolen if the they are killed by player units. But letting your structures to burn down is still a way to create walls.
  • A structure won't be stolen if it would block Amon from accessing player spawn location.
  • Enemy will take over Nova's Spider Mines if they are killed when burrowed. However, enemy can't take over Raynor's Spider Mines.
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Evasive Maneuvers
Enemy units teleport a short distance away upon taking damage.
  • The maximum distance of teleport is 5.
  • Units can't teleport for 2s after the last teleport and are invulnerable for 0.25s
  • Structures and heroic units won't teleport.
  • Units under knock-back effect or without weapons won't teleport either.
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Fatal Attraction
When enemy units and structures die, any of your nearby units are pulled to their location.
  • All pulls have 9 range.
  • There are 3 types of pulls which depends on the supply cost of the killed unit. [0,1] supply for weak pull, (1,6) for normal and [6,∞) for strong one.
  • Weak one pulls for 0.1875s, normal for 0.375s and strong for 0.625s.
  • For this time and additional 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3 seconds respectively, units have disabled all abilities and weapons, and they are uncommandable.
  • Units with 0 acceleration won't get pulled. That includes: sieged tanks, detection and liberators; phasing conservators, energizers and war prisms and most of burrowed zerg units.
  • Burrowed Window Mine, Spider Mine, Infested Banshee, burrowed Dehaka's Roach, Impaler, Hydralisk and Igniter are still affected.
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Player units will occasionally stop attacking and run around in fear upon taking damage.
  • Chance for fear on hit = 100% * {5/10/15/20} / (target unit max HP + max shields).
  • The amount of damage doesn't affect the chance of getting feared.
  • 10s duration (5s for heroic units).
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Enemies launch a dazzling fireworks display upon death, dealing damage to your nearby units.
  • Upon death enemy units will launch as many fireworks as is their supply cost, with the minimum of 1.
  • Structures don't launch fireworks upon death.
  • Each firework targets a random player unit—if there are any in 10 radius. Otherwise fireworks target a random point in ≤ 3 distance.
  • There is an indicator where the missile will hit.
  • Fireworks damage structures and both ground and air units for 50 damage in 1.5 radius.
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Gift Exchange
Gifts are periodically deployed around the map. If you don't claim them, Amon will!
  • Gifts spawn at 3 minutes and then every 2:10. After 20 minutes, the interval is 1:40 on hard and brutal difficulties.
  • Gifts spawn at locations >40 from starting locations of player 1, 2 and 3; and if there are no units close (<7).
  • Claiming gifts takes 20s. Gifts are different for you and your ally.
  • Amon dispatches units to claim gifts.
  • If players capture two gifts in a row, Amon will automatically take the next one.
  • Gifts for players:
    • Vespene rain! – Vespene pickups around the map
    • Chrono Wave!
    • A HERC! (for terran); A Scout! (for protoss); A Queen! (for zerg) – free unit
    • MULE party! – mules and dancing oracles
    • ... BECOMES AVENGER! – random unit gains 10 avenger stacks
    • The Naughty List has been cleared! – clears naughty list and reset kill count for units
    • An Archangel!
    • Healing! (Available only after 8 minutes)
  • Gifts for Amon:
    • A Temporary Mutator! – for 3 minutes, randomly chosen from: Transmutation, Just Die!, Mutually Assured Destruction, We Move Unseen, Alien Incubation, Outbreak, Concussive Attacks, Going Nuclear, Blizzard, Self Destruction
    • Hidden Threats! – spawns {10/15/25/30} Widow Mines, Burrowed Banelings or Stasis Wards around the map
    • Scourge! – If there are >5 air units spawns Scourge, otherwise:
    • Banelings!
    • Hybrid! - summons hybrids
    • A KILL BOT! – 30 kills (50 kills after 10:00)
    • Overcharged Shuttles! – 80 dps
    • Shrink Wave! – All player units are shrunk for 60s. Units deal -50% damage and have -50% life and shields.
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Going Nuclear
Nukes are launched at random throughout the map.
  • There is warning sign for ~5s before a nuke drops.
  • Nukes does 750 (950 vs structure) damage (100% in 4 radius, 50% in 6 radius and 25% in 8 radius).
  • Each {7/5/3/2} seconds a nuke randomly drops on the map.
  • Nukes avoid Mutator Safety Zones.
  • Nukes won't drop if there are no player units in 50 radius.
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Hardened Will
Enemy Heroic units reduce all incoming damage to a maximum of 10 when any non-heroic enemy unit is near them.
  • The buff is active when there are enemy non-heroic units in <6 distance.
  • Heroic units will survive Dehaka's Devour with 1 HP, however, Dehaka will receive bonuses from their attributes.
  • Structures and Observers don't count.
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Heroes from the Storm
Every attack wave will be led by Heroes of increasing power.
  • Heroes are sent with most attack waves.
  • Later waves can be accompanied by more heroes. One hero is randomly chosen from the first three heroes, the second from the second triplet and the last from the last triplet, and so on.
  • On Temple of the Past, side attacks can have 1 hero at most. Back air ramp won't spawn heroes, main ramp can have up to 6 heroes (global maximum).
  • On Mist Opportunities, harass waves can have 1 hero at most.
  • There is a hero pool from which heroes spawn (integer variable). Each hero cost 1 to spawn, and won't spawn if the pool is empty (0).
  • The pool starts at value of 1, and is increased periodically.
    (This is very similar to how I implemented it in my The Usual Suspects mutator)
1 15:00
2 16:00
1 17:00
1 18:00
1 19:00
1 20:00
1 every 30s

  • Spawn-camping no longer prevents heroes from spawning.
  • All heroes have at least biological and heroic attributes. Dehaka is the only hero that doesn't have "map boss" attribute, and so the real Dehaka can Devour him.
  • Heroes (apart from Dehaka) can't be put into stasis by Fenix's Arbiter or Zeratul's Stasis Beam. Vorazun's Stasis Ward works on all of them.
  • Nova's Nuke and Kerrigan's Apocalypse are used only on hard and brutal difficulties.
  • All heroes are detectors.
1 1000
Penetrating Round
2 1000 Shredder Grenade
Dehaka 2 1500 Drag, Mend, Generate Spawns
Karax 3 750 x2 Warp Phase Cannon, Warp Khaydarin Monolith
Nova 3 2250 Snipe, Nuke
Zagara 4 2250 Baneling Barrage, Spawn Hunter Killers, Mass Frenzy, Roach Drop
Zeratul 4 2000 x2 Blink, Void Armor, Shadow Blade
Artanis 5 2000 x2 Lighting Dash, Astral Wind, Resurgence
Kerrigan 5 5000 Leaping Strike, Psionic Shift, Apocalypse
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Enemy Heroic units increase the attack speed and armor of all enemies within a small range.
  • Inspiration is applied in 5 radius.
  • It grants +25% attack speed and +3 armor.
  • Affects both units and structures.
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Just Die!
Enemy units are automatically revived upon death.
  • Enemy unit is invulnerable and stunned for 1s during reviving.
  • All enemy units are revived—including map objectives.
  • Enemy units don't trigger death effects when they are revived. Death effects are triggered only after the final death (e.g. MAD nuke, Biomass/Essence drop, Alien Incubation,..)
  • Banelings are not revived. It doesn't matter whether they explode by themselves or are killed.
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Kill Bots
Offensive robots of a mysterious origin have been unleashed on the Koprulu sector, intent on destruction. Through cunning engineering, they are invincible until their pre-programmed kill counter has been filled. After that occurs, they will shut down. But can you survive for that long?
  • Kill Bots are spawned from random enemy structures.
  • All bots are detectors, have 2.25 movement speed, 5 attack range and have armored, mechanical, heroic and map boss attributes.
  • "Murder Bot" has 35dps and require 5 kills.
  • "Death Bot" has 47dps, massive tag and requires 10 kills.
  • "Kill Bot" has 58dps, massive tag and requires 15 kills.
  • Kills are updated according to standard kill counter, plus Banelings suicided on bots are counted too. Stasis Wards count for kills.
  • After 25 minutes, each 60s a wave of same strength is spawned.
  • All bots have 1000 HP. They are invulnerable, but can be damaged by Toxic Nests.
Time Spawn count Type (kills required)
3:38 1 Murder Bot (5 kills)
5:08 1 Murder Bot (5 kills)
6:38 1 Murder Bot (5 kills)
8:08 {1/1/2/2} Murder Bot (5 kills)
9:38 {1/1/2/2} Murder Bot (5 kills)
10:48 {1/1/2/2} Death Bot (10 kills)
11:58 {1/1/2/2} Death Bot (10 kills)
13:08 {1/1/2/2} Death Bot (10 kills)
14:18 {2/2/3/3} Death Bot (10 kills)
15:28 {2/2/3/3} Death Bot (10 kills)
16:38 {2/2/3/3} Death Bot (10 kills)
17:48 {2/2/3/3} Death Bot (10 kills)
18:58 {2/2/3/3} Death Bot (10 kills)
20:08 {1/1/2/2} Kill Bot (15 kills)
21:08 {1/1/2/2} Kill Bot (15 kills)
22:08 {1/1/3/3} Kill Bot (15 kills)
23:08 {1/1/3/3} Kill Bot (15 kills)
24:08 {1/1/3/3} Kill Bot (15 kills)
25:08+ {2/2/3/4} Kill Bot (15 kills)

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Laser Drill
An enemy Laser Drill constantly attacks player units within enemy vision.
  • Laser Drill has 1000 HP, 2000 shields, 2 armor; armored, mechanical, structure, heroic and map boss attributes.
  • It has 20dps for the first 15s, 40dps next 15s, 60dps after that. Attacks ignore armor.
  • Automatic repair takes 2 minutes.
  • Spawns at the same location (Player 3's starting location).
  • Mineral Shields provide vision as does Going Nuclear for a short time. Units frozen in Temporal Field are revealed and detected. Neither Missile Command, Time Warp, Blizzard, Lava Burst nor Twister provide vision.
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Lava Burst
Lava periodically bursts from the ground at random locations and deals damage to player air and ground units.
  • Each {4/2/0.5/0.5} seconds a Lava Burst spawns on the map.
  • Lava Bursts avoids Mutator Safety Zones and buildings (>1). However, buildings can be damaged if it spawns close. Truly safe are only 1x1 buildings like Toxic Nests.
  • Since player units have to be in at least 35 distance or closer, the mutator is the most dangerous early on when player units are limited to starting locations.
  • Lava Burst starts dealing damage after 2s and they last further 16s.
  • Lava Bursts do 5 (7 vs armored) damage in 0.5 radius dealing 40 (56 vs armored) DPS.
  • For heroic units the damage depends on hero's max health. From +3 damage (100 vital), up to +60 (2000+ vital).
  • On the Vermillion Problem, each time a unit is hit by a Lava Burst, Donny starts talking.
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Life Leech
Enemy units and structures steal life or shields whenever they do damage.
  • Enemy units or structures heal for {25/50/75/100}% damage they deal.
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Long Range
Enemy units and structures have increased weapon and vision range.
  • Enemy units and structures gain +3 sight range and ranged weapons gain +3 range.
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Lucky Envelopes
Festive envelopes containing resource pickups are dropped at random throughout the map.
  • In the first 3 minutes, envelopes spawn each {5/5/6/7} seconds and certain amount of them spawn only in ≤ 30 distance from players' spawn locations.
  • After the first 3 minutes, all envelopes will spawn all around the map each {4.2/5/5.2/5.4} seconds.
  • Each interval an envelope containing 50 minerals for both players spawns.
  • Every other interval an envelope containing 50 gas for both players spawns.
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Mag Mines are deployed throughout the map at the start of the mission.
  • {50/100/150/200} Mag-Mines are spawned around the map.
  • Spawns avoid starting locations (>30 distance), structures (>1), resources (>5), Ulnar locks (>8) and Ji'Nara (>15).
  • Spawn require Amon's units in at least 25 distance.
  • Mag-mines do 250 damage in 2.5 radius.
Mag-mines have 0.5 radius during flight.
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Micro Transactions
Giving commands to your units costs resources based on the unit's cost.
  • Hero units and Top bar abilities cost 10m/5g to command.
  • Fenix suits cost 1 mineral to command.
  • If the unit doesn't costs gas, the cost of command is 2*(its supply cost) in minerals.
  • If the unit costs gas, then the cost of command is 1*(its supply cost) in gas and minerals.
  • Minimum cost is 1 no matter the supply cost.
  • If the player has 0 minerals, gas won't get subtracted.
  • Commands are free if the player has no resources.
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Mineral Shields
Mineral clusters at player bases are periodically encased in a shield which must be destroyed for gathering to continue.
  • Mineral Shields have 50 HP, 60s duration, structure attribute and are generally not auto-targeted.
    • Units that auto-target Mineral shields: Primal Host, Primal Guardian's Explosive Spores, Mag-mines, Reaper's KD8 Charge, Abathur's Symbiotes.
  • Initial spawn is at {5:00/ 4:00/ 3:20/ 2:40}.
  • Additional spawns each {4:00/ 3:00/ 2:30/ 2:00}.
  • Minerals patches further than 15 from main buildings are not affected.
  • The chance for each mineral patch to be shielded starts at 10% and increases by 5% each round. The chance starts at 100% in the Wheel of Misfortune mutation.
  • Mineral Shields benefit from Polarity, Barrier, Photon Overcharge, trigger Fatal Attraction, and provide vision for Laser Drill.
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Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield.
  • {50/75/100/125} Widow Mines and {70/105/140/175} Spider Mines are spawned at the start of the mission.
  • Spawns avoid starting locations (>30 distance), resources (>10), Ulnar locks (>8) and Ji'Nara (>15).
  • Spawns require Amon's units in 25 distance or closer.
  • Widow Mine has 180 HP, 0 armor; light and mechanical attributes. It has 5 range, 250 (+35 vs shields) direct damage and 80 (+40 vs shields) splash damage in 3 radius.
  • Spider Mine has 25 HP, 0 armor; light, mechanical and map boss attributes. It deals 250 splash damage (100% in 1.7 radius, 50% in 2.25, 25% in 3).
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Missile Command
Endless missile bombardments target your structures and must be shot down throughout the mission.
  • Standard missiles have 10 HP and deal 100 damage.
  • Splitter missiles have 20 HP and deal 175 damage. If destroyed, it spawns 2 Child missiles, each dealing 75 damage.
  • Nukes have 100 HP and deal 300 (500 vs structure) damage (100% in 4 radius, 50% in 6 radius and 25% in 8 radius).
  • PDD has 15 HP.
  • And all these have all 0 armor; mechanical and map boss attributes.
  • In the first 5 minutes, each {45/30/20/15} seconds 2 Standard missiles are fired.
  • Between 5 and 10 minutes, each {30/20/10/5} seconds 2 missiles are fired (90% chance of Standard missiles, 10% of Standard missile + PDD).
  • Between 10 and 15 minutes, each {30/12/4/2} seconds 2 missiles are fired (60% chance of Standard missile, 20% of Standard + PDD and 20% of Splitter missile).
  • After 15 minutes, each {15/6/2/1} seconds 2 missiles are fired (40% chance of Standard missile, 20% of Standard missile + PDD, 30% of Splitter and 10% of Nuke with cooldown of {--/--/2:00/1:00} with {-/-/2/5} PDDs).
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Moment of Silence
When a Heroic enemy dies, all player units around it will reflect on their transgressions, leaving them unable to attack or use abilities.
  • Heroic structures doesn't trigger this effect.
  • Effect is applied in 8 radius.
  • It doesn't affect structures.
  • There is 1s delay (2s if it's Nemesis Hybrid).
  • 12s duration.
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Mutually Assured Destruction
Enemy Hybrid units detonate a Nuke upon death.
  • Hybrid Destroyers detonate a small nuke. The rest of hybrids detonate normal nukes.
  • Mirror images (P&P) don't detonate nukes.
  • There is 1s delay (2s if it's Nemesis Hybrid and Moebius Hybrid A - P&P).
  • Nukes do 750 (950 vs structure) damage.
  • Small Nuke does 100% in 2 radius, 50% in 2.5 and 25% in 3.
  • Normal Nuke does 100% in 4 radius, 50% in 6 and 25% in 8.
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Naughty List
Player units and structures take increased damage for each enemy they've killed.
  • Units and structures take bonus x% damage for each kill they score.
  • 1–4 kills increase damage taken by 1% each. 5–14 kills by 4% and 15–150 kills by 6%.
  • So for example, units with 20 kills will take +80% damage, with 50 kills +260% damage, with 100 kills +560% damage, and with 150 kills +860% damage.
  • Carrier, Swarmhosts, Ravens,... take increased damage when their spawns kill units. Their spawned units don't take increased damage.
  • Respawned heroes take no bonus damage until they kill another unit, then they take full bonus damage.
  • Tesseract Cannons/Monoliths and their projections don't share kills and debuffs.
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Orbital Strike
Enemy Orbital Strikes are periodically fired throughout the map.
  • Orbital Strikes deal 50 (100 vs armored) damage in 1 radius.
  • They start {4/4/3/0} minutes into the game.
  • And repeats after {3:00/2:20/1:50/1:20}.
  • Orbital Strikes target units that are not in Mutator Safety Zones.
  • They doesn't strike if there are less than 5 available targets on the map.
  • Orbital Strikes try to predict targets' future position based on their current position, movement speed and orientation.
  • Number of targets depends on the mission time: 10 targets initially, after 5:00 - {1/2/3/3} targets; after 8:20 - {2/3/4/4}; after 11:40 - {3/4/6/8} and after 16:40 - {3/5/8/10}.
  • Orbital Strikes are fired in two volleys, each with 3 strikes per target and some delay between them.
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Enemy Infested Terrans spawn continuously around the map.
  • Infested start to spawn at {2:50/ 2:20/ 2:10/ 2:00}.
  • Infested spawn in waves every 25s from random enemy structure.
  • One spawn is made of between {1/1/2/2} to {1/2/3/4} infested, after 13:20 between {1/2/4/4} to {1/3/5/6}.
  • At first, Infested Terrans are spawned [35 HP; light and biological attributes, melee, 8 damage, 6.6dps]
  • Between 6:40 and 20:00, Infested Marines are spawned [50 HP; light and biological attributes, 5 damage, 4 range, 5.8dps]
  • After 20:00 on Hard and Brutal, Aberrations are spawned [275 HP, 0 armor; armored, massive and biological attributes; 20 (40 vs armored) damage, 16.6 (33.3 vs armored) dps]
  • After 15:00, Infested Medics spawn with each wave [50 HP, 1 armor; light and biological attributes, Infested Heal].
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Photon Overload
All enemy structures attack nearby hostile units.
  • 16 DPS, 10 range (from the center of the building).
  • 15s duration.
  • Heroic structures cannot be overcharged.
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Each enemy unit is immune to either your units or your ally's units.
  • Enemy structures and map objectives have Polarity too.
  • Various crowd-control abilities work on all units, but they deal no damage to shielded ones.
  • Mind-control abilities don't work on polarity-immune units.
  • Your units won't auto-attack immune units. However, auto-casted abilities will be used on immune units.
  • Propagators created from player units don't benefit from Polarity.
  • Just Die! will swap Polarity when triggered.
  • On Scythe of Amon, units spawned from Rifts will have no Polarity.
  • On Oblivion Express, all trains cars in each train have the same Polarity.
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Power Overwhelming
All enemy units have energy and use random abilities.
  • Available abilities: Psionic Storm, Guardian Shield, Seeker Missile, Irradiate, Abduct, Fungal Growth, Graviton Beam (Urun), Psi Orb, Time Warp, Vortex, Defensive Matrix, Point Defense Drone, Disruption Web and Phase Shift.
  • Urun's Graviton Beam can lift heroic and massive units.
  • Vortex is used only on Brutal.
  • Against structures are used: Point Defense Drone, Guardian Shield, Defensive Matrix, Disruption Web and Phase Shift.
  • Against units, Vortex and Disruption Web have lower chance of being casted.
  • If an enemy unit didn't have energy, it's given 50 starting energy, 200 maximum energy and 0.5625 energy regeneration. But it won't become susceptible to the Feedback ability.
  • EMP works as units have to have at least 51 energy to cast spells.
  • All abilities cost 50 energy, but there is other logic behind casting abilities. There is a global energy pool with regeneration that increases with mission time. End each ability costs energy from the global pool according to its power. This limits the total number of spells, and thus balances between different compositions and unit-spawning mutators.
  • Global energy pool is separate for each player. Spells casted from each pool will target only units of one player (although splash will affect all player units). So for example solo will be easier, as enemy will cast spells from only one energy pool.
  • Units revert to normal when mind-controlled/reclaimed.
  • Spells are casted even through Vorazun's Timestop.
  • Enemy spells can target burrowed and invisible units even without detection.
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Shapeless lifeforms creep toward your base, transforming all of the units and structures they touch into copies of themselves.
  • Propagators have {200/300/350/450} HP, 0 armor, heroic attribute, detector ability and 1.6 movement speed.
  • Propagators can hit both ground and air units/structures.
  • Each new propagator has the same current HP as its parent Propagator.
  • First spawns around {5:48/ 4:58/ 4:08/ 3:28} from random enemy building.
  • Propagators spawn each {2:30/ 2:10/ 1:50/ 1:30}. After 8:20 mission time, the timer is reduced to {2:10/ 1:50/ 1:25/ 1:05}. After 13:20 mission time, the timer is reduced to {2:10/ 1:40/ 1:20/ 1:00}. After 20:00 mission time, the timer is reduced to {2:10/ 1:40/ 1:05/ 0:50}.
  • Spawn increase at 11:40 to {1/1/2/2} Propagators, at 18:20 to {1/2/3/4} and at 23:20 to {1/2/4/5}.
  • Result for Brutal difficulty:
Time Spawn count Time Spawn count
3:28 1 16:28 2
4:58 1 17:28 2
6:28 1 18:28 4
7:58 1 19:28 4
9:28 1 20:28 4
10:28 1 21:18 4
11:28 1 22:08 4
12:28 2 22:58 4
13:28 2 23:48 5
14:28 2 24:38 5
15:28 2 25:28 5
  • And each 50s five more Propagators
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Purifier Beam
An enemy Purifier Beam moves across the map toward nearby player units.
  • Purifier Beam does 40dps (100% in 1 radius, 50% in 2.2 and 10% in 2.8).
  • It has 0.6 movement speed.
  • Purifier Beam avoids Mutator Safety Zones in it's random walk, but not when it's targeting a unit. In that case it avoids minerals and commander starting locations.
  • Additional Beams spawn on Hard and Brutal difficulties at 10 and 20 minutes.
  • Beam can be trapped with Shield Batteries or by patrolling units.
  • Purifier Beam doesn't go after Stetellites.
  • Purifier Beam does damage only to commander units/structures. Other units/structures, for example mission objectives, are safe from it.
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Scorched Earth
Enemy units set the terrain on fire upon death.
  • Structures don't leave fire.
  • Units with supply cost [0,1] leave small fire, with (1,4] medium fire, and units with (4,∞) and hybrids leave large fire upon death.
  • Fires do 14dps to ground units and structures.
  • Small fire lasts 15s with 0.25 radius, Medium fire lasts 30s with 0.5 radius, and Large fire lasts 60s with 1.5 radius.
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Self Destruction
Enemy units explode and deal damage to nearby player units upon death.
  • Structures don't explode.
  • There is 2s delay between unit's death and the explosion.
  • The explosion deals 20 damage in 1.5 radius and hits both ground and air.
  • For units with supply cost >2, explosion is executed (supply_cost +1) times.
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Sharing is Caring
Supply is shared between you and your partner, and units from both armies contribute to your combined supply cap.
  • Units reduce available supply from both commanders. And it's the only effect of this mutator.
  • Commanders still need to increase their available supply by Pylons, Overlords, etc.
  • Commander perks granting free supply or reducing supply caps are unaffected.
  • Ally doesn't benefit from these perks.
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Player units and structures have reduced vision range.
  • Units and structures have reduced sight range by 60%.
  • Raynor's Scans are not affected by this mutator.
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Slim Pickings
Player worker units gather resources at a reduced rate, but resource pickups spawn throughout the map.
  • Minerals are harvested by 1, compared to usual 5.
  • Vespene is harvested by 1, compared to usual 4.
  • Mules, Vespene Drones, Automated Refineries and Geysers harvest 1 resource per tick.
  • The maximum amount of minerals in a patch is reduced to 1500, and stays reduced even if the mutator is removed. Gas geysers are not affected.
  • Both players receive the same amount of gas and minerals from each pickup.
  • There is 3x more minerals spawned than gas.
  • Pickups doesn't spawn 7 or closer to enemy buildings.
  • In the first 3 minutes, 33% of mineral pickups are spawned in <30 distance from starting locations. After 3 minutes, all pickups are spawned randomly around the map.
  • In the first 3 minutes, pickups spawn at rate of {900/ 900/ 750 / 643} minerals/minute and {300/ 300/ 250/ 214} gas/minute.
  • After the first 3 minutes, pickups spawn at rate of {1071/ 900/ 865/ 833} minerals/minute and {357/ 300/ 288/ 277} gas/minute.
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Speed Freaks
Enemy units have increased movement speed.
  • All movement speed is increased to the minimum of 5.5.
  • Speed Freaks doesn't apply to Trains, Shuttles, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Purifier Beams and Missiles from the Missile Command mutator.
  • Units revert their speed when mind-controlled/reclaimed.
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Temporal Field
Enemy Temporal Fields are periodically deployed throughout the map.
  • Units that enter a Temporal Field are disabled and their timeflow is slowed to 1%.
  • Heroic units are only slowed, their movement and attack speed are reduced by 50%.
  • Affected units are detected, revealed and can be attacked.
  • Temporal Fields spawn each {8/6/4/3} seconds and stay clear of Mutator Safety Zones.
  • There is 1s delay before Temporal Field becomes active. Each field is active for 20s.
  • Temporal Field has 1.5 radius and affects both ground and air units.
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Time Warp
Enemy Time Warps are periodically deployed throughout the map.
  • Units that enter a Time Warp have their timeflow slowed by -66%.
  • Time Warps are spawned each {8/6/4/3} seconds and stay clear of Mutator Safety Zones.
  • Time Warps are only spawned near (<50) players units.
  • Time Warp has 3.5 radius and affects both ground and air units.
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Enemy units have a chance to transform into more powerful units whenever they deal damage.
  • Enemy unit will transform every time after killing a player's unit or structure. Enemy unit dealing damage has a chance to transform = 100% * [Damage_Dealt / {500/400/300/200}].
  • Spells and other abilities can cause the transformation just as well as normal attacks. But one ability, attack or spell can transform the unit only once.
  • Enemy unit moves up through the list of transmutation tiers. If the unit is not on the list, it's considered as Tier01.
  • For killing a hero unit, the enemy unit moves straight to Tier 10. For killing another unit or structure, it jumps as many tiers as the victim units supply cost or at least 1. For dealing damage, enemy unit can move only one tier up.
  • Once at Tier 10, enemy unit won't transform further.
  • Unit type in a tier is chosen randomly.
  • Transmutated units are technically new units, with full life, shields and energy and without any buffs or debuffs the old unit had.
  • Structures, mission objectives and units with a map boss attribute don't transform.
  • Transmutated units provide more biomass, essence and assimilated resources.
  • Enemy units killing each other under Confusion doesn't trigger transmutation.
  • Transmutated units will seek and attack players' units until they die.
  • Unit can't transform more than once per second.
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Trick or Treat
Civilians visit your Candy Bowl looking for treats, which are generated by spending minerals. If no treats are available, the civilians randomly transform into enemy units.
  • Civilians spawn from random enemy structures.
  • In the first 6 minutes {1/1/2/2} civilians spawn every 30 AI seconds, between 6-12 minutes {1/2/4/4}, between 12-18 minutes {2/3/4/5} and after that {3/4/5/6} at the same time interval.
  • Candy cost 25 minerals each, and the Candy Bowl can hold 50 pieces of candy. The Candy Bowl can't be added to a control group.
  • Every civilian consumes one candy.
  • If there is no candy, civilians will transform. Newly transformed units drop biomass, essence and triggers other mutators as normal units.
  • If a civilian can't find its way to the Candy Bowl, it will transform after 5 minutes.
  • Transformed units are chosen from the same transmutation tiers as in the Transmutation mutator.
  • The tier of newly transformed units depends on the game time.
  • After 10 minutes, the transformed units are considerably weaker.
Game time [minutes] Tier Game time [minutes] Tier
0-2 1-1 8-8.5 5-7
2-4 1-2 8.5-9 6-8
4-6 1-3 9-9.5 7-9
6-7 2-4 9.5-10 8-10
7-7.5 3-5 10+ 0-1
7.5-8 4-6

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Turkey Shoot
Supply can only be generated by killing turkeys that wander throughout the map. Doing so may anger the turkeys that remain.
  • Artanis, Dehaka, Nova, Tychus and Zeratul don't benefit from their free max supply.
  • The amount of available shared supply equals to the sum of normal supply caps for each commander (e.g. Nova + Kerrigan will have 100 + 200 = 300 available supply).
  • Players still need to build Supply Depots/Pylons/Overlords.
  • Turkey has 10HP, 8 damage (+8 vs structure) and 1.5 attack period. Turkey provides 2 supply when killed.
  • Infested Turkey has {75/100/125/150} HP; 1 armor; deals 70 damage to structures; 2 attack period; 6 range. Infested Turkey does not provide supply.
  • Turking has {200/2500/4000/6000} HP; 3 armor and is detector. His Peck of Judgement deals 250 (+250 vs structure) in 0.4 area; 2 attack period; ground only; 1.4 range. Turking can fear units with Terrifying Gobble in 11 area for 10s. Turking does not provide supply.
  • Supply decreases by itself. The more supply you have, the faster it decrease.
  • Units will start taking damage if your supply used is higher than available supply.
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Tornadoes move across the map, damaging and knocking back player units in their path.
  • Twisters do {5/10/15/25} damage in 1.3 radius.
  • All units including heroic and massive units are knocked back by Twisters.
  • Twisters avoid Mutator Safety Zones and spawn only in regions connected with pathing to player bases.
  • When 2 Twisters get too close to each other, they will move in opposite directions.
  • The amount of spawned Twisters is (width + height of the map)/19.
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Your camera randomly changes positions.
  • Every {60/40/30/20} seconds camera changes.
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Void Reanimators
Void Reanimators wander the battlefield, bringing your enemies back to life.
  • Void Reanimators have 200 HP and 200 shields, 2.8 movement speed, 0 armor and no attributes.
  • First one spawns from random enemy building shortly after the first corpses become available. The building they spawned from has to have pathing to player 1 spawn location.
  • Each next Reanimator spawns after {80/70/60/55} + 2–12 seconds.
  • The maximum number of Reanimators on the map is {1/1/2/4}.
  • The maximum number of corpses stored is 500. After that number is reached, units with 2+ supply cost will randomly override older corpse entries.
  • Structures, workers, map bosses, map objectives, summoned units and other Void Reanimators can't be revived.
  • The cast time of the Reanimate ability depends on the supply cost of the revived unit. [0,2) supply → 1.5s; [2,6) → 4s; [6,∞) → 8s.
  • Propagators can be revived. Revived Propagators don't have minimap icon.
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Void Rifts
Void Rifts periodically appear in random locations and spawn enemy units until destroyed.
  • Void Rifts have 500 HP, 1 armor; armored, heroic, structure and map boss attributes.
  • Void Rifts spawn at
    2:20 (2 Rifts) 8:20 (4 Rifts)
    3:50 (2 Rifts) 9:50 (4 Rifts)
    5:20 (2 Rifts) 11:20 (4 Rifts)
    6:50 (2 Rifts) each 1:30 (4 Rifts)
  • Void Rift spawns avoid starting locations (>30), resources (>10) and other Void Rifts (>20). In the first 8 minutes the distance from starting locations can't be higher than 80. On the Lock & Load in the first 5 minutes, the pathing distance can't be higher than 70.
  • Void Rifts won't spawn if there are 4+ enemy units in 10 distance.
  • Each Void Rift spawns a wave each {150/130/110/90} seconds. The resource value of the wave starts at {100/100/200/300}, at 8:20 it increases to {200/200/400/600} and at 20:00 to {400/400/700/1050}.
  • Unit's resource value is its mineral cost + gas cost. The total cost of each wave can be as high as indicated above or slightly higher thanks to the last spawned unit.
  • Units that can be spawned are:
    1. Zergling 8. Adept 15.Void Ray
    2. Baneling 9. Zealot 16. Banshee
    3. Roach 10. Stalker 17. High Templar
    4. Hydralisk 11. Siege Tank 18. Raven
    5. Marine 12. Immortal 19. Infestor
    6. Marauder 13. Ravager 20. Hybrid Destroyer
    7. Hellion 14. Mutalisk
  • At the start of the game, only units up to the number 10 (Stalker) can be spawned. After 10 minutes up to the number {10/10/13/16}. And after 16:40 up to the number {10/15/19/20}.
  • Apart from main waves, there is a small spawn from each Void Rift each {21/18/15/12} seconds (in Custom Mutators {42/36/30/24}). This small spawn consists of either 2 Zerglings or 1 Marine or 1 Zealot. If it's the Zealot, the delay for the next small spawn is doubled. (In custom mutators the options are 1 Roach, 1 Marauder or 1 Zealot without increasing the delay).
  • Minimap visibility can differ based on texture settings (should have been fixed, but can still behave inconsistently).

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Walking Infested
Enemy units spawn Infested Terran upon death in numbers according to the unit's life.
  • Contrary to the description, the number of Infested Terrans is equal to the unit's supply cost, with the minimum of one.
  • Infested Terrans have 35 HP; light and biological attributes, 8 melee damage, 6.6dps.
  • Unlike Alien Incubation, Walking Infested doesn't trigger on suicide-type deaths (Banelings, Missile Command hits,..)
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We Move Unseen
All enemy units are permanently cloaked.
  • Structures are not cloaked.
  • Hostile Map Objective units are cloaked too.
  • Destructible Rocks aren't cloaked.
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Additional notes:

Most of mutator-spawned units and structures require ground pathing to player's starting location. That prevents them from spawning and accumulating on islands. However, it's not possible to block spawns by walling off with buildings.

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