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April 18, 2019

Bug Hunt IV

Bug Hunt IV

This is another look at some interesting bugs in StarCraft II Co-op. The last patch (4.8.4) fixed several bugs from the last two posts (#2, #3). I updated those posts, and added notes to each fixed bug. Most of the bugs in the first post were already fixed in patch 4.8.3.

This post will first look at some issues with movement abilities and getting out-of-bounds. After that, we will take a look at other interesting bugs.

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.1 with limited PlacementRange

Void Templar can use Blink to get out-of-bounds.

For this you need two pathable locations with unpathable region in-between. You have to target a pathable location with Blink, but if it's too far, Void Templar will end up in the unpathable region in the middle.

Strike from the shadows brothers!

The issue is that PlacementRange in ZeratulDarkTemplarBlink effect was left to default of 500. Changing it to 11 (the same as effect range) would fix the issue and be consistent with other teleport abilities.

Zeratul's bug with artifact spawns on Malwarfare should be fixed in the last patch, but this Blink bug could still be useful for getting artifacts from unreachable places.

Void Templar blinking into a security terminal on Malwarfare

Reaper Out-Of-Bounds

Han's Reapers can also get out-of-bounds, but this is harder to replicate and less useful than with Void Templar—Reapers can already fly after all. They have to be close to an unpathable region, and you have to right-click fast to that region while they are landing.

Reapers out-of-bounds
We have the high ground!
Reapers out-of-bounds
Reapers chilling on Scythe of Amon

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.1 (with PlacementAround CasterUnit)

While we are at it, let's look at Ambushers' Blink. Unlike all other blink abilities, Ambushers have to be in the range of targeted location to blink there. If they out of range, they won't blink. This is even more awkward with "Void Blink" artifact choice selected (lower cooldown) and "Phase Battery" upgrade (3 blink charges). These should in theory provide Ambushers with great mobility, however, actually using all blinks with this restriction is quite difficult.

To make it behave like all other blink abilities, the placement would have to be from the caster (Ambusher) and not from the target point.

<CEffectTeleport id="ZeratulStalkerBlink">
     <PlacementAround Value="CasterUnit"/>

Void Launch & Infest Structure

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.0

Shuttle Bays can be infested by Stukov’s Infest Structure ability.

I knew the infestation was bad, but this is crazy!

I don't think this one has any gameplay implications. Adding "heroic" attribute to Docking Bays would prevent this. Or exclude invulnerable structures from valid targets of the Infest Structure ability.

Scythe of amon – Bonus Objective

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.1

Leaving an enemy unit or structure alive next to the bonus objective will prevent the shuttle from landing.

Function controlling the landing sequence

This is useful if you want to delay the bonus objective and have a bit more time for clearing its path. If enough time has passed (>16 game minute), the bonus objective will go straight to the north area and skip the left landing zone altogether. You will still get the full bonus experience.

Shield Battery – Fortification Barrier

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.0

If a structure takes damage, all Shield Batteries in range will cast Fortification Barrier on it. The effect doesn’t stack, and so all other casts will be wasted.

Now vs Fixed Fortification Barrier

An easy fix would be to add a validator to ShieldBatteryStructureBarrierAB effect, so units with Fortification Barrier active aren't a valid target.

Spinning Dizzy & KMC Auto-Loaders

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.1 with backswing increased backswing to 0.25

Originally, the issue was that Hailstorm Missile Pods couldn't keep up with Longbolt missiles after KMC Auto-Loaders were researched. Later there was a switch for attack-speed upgrades from fixed time reduction to bonus attack-speed multiplier. KMC Auto-Loaders now provide +25% attack speed to Swann's turrets—except for Longbolt missiles on Spinning Dizzy.

KMC Auto-Loaders upgrade

I'm guessing the value for Longbolt missiles is a mistake. Originally, the upgrade correctly reduced attack period by 0.172 seconds. However, after the switch, the numerical value was left there—resulting in only 17.2% attack speed bonus.

Even with this lower bonus to attack speed, Hailstorm missiles will still sometime fail to keep up with Longbolt missiles. What we want to see are 2 Longbolt per 1 Hailstorm missile. For the following videos I fixed the KMC upgrade, so it gives full attack speed bonus, and added Energizer's Chrono Boost. This lets us see the issue better.

Fixed KMC + Energizer → almost no Hailstorm missiles

One way of fixing this would be reducing Longbolt missile backswing from 0.5 to 0.25. That leads to intended 2:1 ration between missiles.

Fixed KMC + Energizer + Reduced Backswing

Fenix – A strong heart

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.1

This is a nice Easter egg; and it also has interesting interactions with some mutators. If you click Fenix enough times (80), he will die and revive as Talandar—assuming you haven't purchased the upgrade already.

I am honored to choose my own name. It will be Talandar.

However, this is also triggered by Double-Edged and Black Death mutators. Fenix respawns as Talandar if he dies while dealing damage to himself, which is the case with two mutators.

Trigger controlling Fenix respawn

Drakken Laser Drill – Instant Repair

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.1

Swann's Laser Drill mastery reduces repair time more than intended. At 27 mastery points, Drakken Laser Drill repairs instantly. Mastery:

Laser Drill Build Time, Upgrade Time, and Upgrade Cost : -1.5% – -45%

Here we go... My Drakken Laser Drill's coming online...Again

Usually this wouldn't be particularly useful as your Drakken Laser Drill won't be destroyed often. However, this can be very effective against Double-Edged mutator. On the recent mutation "Memorable Boss", it enabled players to abandon their base and snipe shuttles with few units and top bar abilities – Chinese video.

Moment of Silence

(Moment of Silence = When a Heroic enemy dies, all player units around it will reflect on their transgressions, leaving them unable to attack or use abilities.)

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.9.1

It's interesting how this mutator interacts with certain abilities. First, units hit by Moment of Silence while warping-in will be stuck warping for the full duration of Moment of Silence.

But what's more interesting is that Kerrigan's Torrasques and Karax's Sentinels can't die while they are affected by Moment of Silence. They will try to revive, but since their abilities are disabled, they have to wait until Moment of Silence wears off. In practice, this makes them better at tanking damage.

Torrasques under Moment of Silence

Zeratul's Void Templar don't show this behavior. The difference is that Void Templar's revive isn't done through an ability that would be disabled by Moment of Silence.

Final Note

This concludes the fourth edition of bug hunt. As always, if you encounter any bugs yourself, report them on the official bug report forum.

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