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January 23, 2020

Replay Analysis II

Replay Analysis

This is another analysis done on my Co-op replays. Previously, I have looked at missions, winrates, and pick rates for commander and individual masteries. This time it's about statistics for individual units. I analyzed 3474 of my Co-op replays from last few years. I'm using sc2reader python library to extract data from individual replays.

Twitch Bot

But first let's look at my twitch bot. It already had some interesting functionality (identifying mutators on-screen, and integration into my [MM] maps). Now the bot also checks for new replays, and posts a brief analysis into the chat after the game.


All data can be found in this google sheet document, and the script I wrote for analysis is here. First, let's look at some Amon's data.


This is my own data, so if it tells something, it's more about my own playstyle than anything else. However, I think it's still interesting enough to share it.

Now for individual commanders. The ratio of units created gives the idea for what unit compositions I was going for, while kills reflect unit effectiveness.

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