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August 18, 2023



ZeroSpace is a new RTS game that I have been working on as game designer. I've been working on it for 1.5 years now but the development started around 3 years ago. So far it has been a great experience and I very much enjoy working on it. I get to do and learn new things and it's awesome to be working with people on our team. We are lucky to have people like CatZ, Giant Grant Games or Scarlett but the whole team is great to work with.

The game

To give a quick overview, ZeroSpace is in its core a classic RTS – you gather resources, build a base, train units, research upgrades, and destroy the enemy. On the competitive side, we have things that makes us unique but I won't go over them here. What I'm the most excited about is Mass Effect-like campaign, and StarCraft II-inspired Co-op with plans for tying Co-op missions into a persistent galaxy map. That will make each mission be more meaningful and support additional things like guild play. We also plan on improving on SC2 Co-op in other ways  for example having AI that feels more alive.

The best way learn about the game is check out our kickstarter page which contains the most information.

Official Trailer

My work at starlance

We are relatively small team and so I get to do and learn a lot of different things. Most of my work is on game design and implementation, things like unit and topbar abilities, upgrades, talents and so on. I also get to do other things like creating scripting utilities for editor, stats tracking, working on UI concepts and implementation, UI customization, hotkeys, balance, various other game systems, creating graphics for KS/steam pages, and of course ever-present squashing of bugs.

It's nice to actually work on a game after writing so much about game design, doing mapmaking and creating overlays. It feels rather similar, except in a team and you are actually getting paid. The work is fully remote, being an introvert I like this – with the exception of having to compensate for different timezones as we have people all around the world. So working in late hours is rather common.

How to support

Wishlisting on steam is a great and easy way to help the game. It costs nothing and helps you keep track of games you might be interested later. We also have a kickstarter page that goes in-depth about the game.

We are a relatively small team. So any help is appreciated.

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