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Beehive is a strategic layer added on top of StarCraft II Co-op. It ties together a series of mutations. Its goal is to bring more depth to Co-op missions, additional sense of progression and a strategic element. It's made in googlesheets, and anyone is free to make a copy and modify it. One strategic map can be played together by few friends or larger community.

Campaign #1

This design features standard progression through the map. Commanders are initially separated by race. However, after players connect starting regions, they will be able to use any commander combination. Mastery points are rewarded for completing each mission in various amounts. Together this should provide interesting choices and a sense of progression.

The victory is achieved by conquering the topmost region—Amon's Fortress. Players can choose which path to follow and which missions to complete for mastery points.

Campaign #1 – Strategic map
Playthrough VODs:

Campaign #2

In the second campaign I tried a different approach. The scale is smaller, but there are more interesting decisions. Players unlock commanders as they go, and have to choose which commanders to get first. Optional missions unlock more commanders and provide advantages in the final mission by removing mutators from it. Players can choose whether to complete these optional missions and which mutators to remove.

Campaign #2 – Strategic map
Playthrough VODs:

Moving on

Beehive is only a small project. If there was a strategic layer incorporated into StarCraft II Co-op, it could take various forms:
  • Small-scale campaign for limited amount of players (Beehive).
  • Domination style on big scale, where all players join forces together against Amon.
  • Team based domination style, where two or more teams compete against each other. Player would join one team and help it to win. This could include additional mechanics, where players can gain and move mutators—effectively reinforcing their territory.
Rewards could include experience, achievements, decals, trophies, emotes or portraits.

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