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General commands
-info (shows/hides available commands)
-pai (pauses/unpauses AI)
-cdr (refreshes cooldowns)
-fastbuild (enables/disables fast build)
-money (gives resources)
-vision (reveals whole map)
-god (invulnerability)
-speed X (changes game speed to X = "slower/slow/normal/fast/faster")
-ally (gives/removes control over allied units)
-share (gives/removes control over allied units while sharing resources)
-pvp (makes players enemies/allies)
-caster (creates the caster of top bar abilities for player 2)
-mastery X (changes masteries for player X; might not apply correctly during the game)
-light (cycles through game lighting with "+" and "-" keys)
-bile (enables/disables smartcasting for Bile Launchers)
-unload (enables/disables button for unloading only heroic units from Nydus Networks)
-outlaws (enables training more outlaws of the same type; experimental)
-artspawn (provides visualization for artifact spawns; "-artspawn clear" removes spawned units)
-randommut X (starts X random mutators)
-alarakcdr X (sets the range of Alarak's CDR to X; the minimum and default range is 15)
-solo (Removes allied units. Don't use on CoA and LnL.)
-supply X Y (Sets supply limit to X for player Y; optional)
-nuketest (offline only; shows areas that could be hit by nukes)
-techreset X (resets upgrades and research for player X)
-startswitch (switches starting locations)
-spawnartifacts (spawns all Zeratul's artifacts at camera location)
-mutsel (lets you add more mutators)
-bioreport (shows info about biomass)
-pause (pauses/unpauses all units)
-resource X Y (sets resouces to X minerals and Y vespene)
-unitinfo (show/hides additional information for all units)
-voidrits X (shows where void rifts can spawn; if X=clear, clears; if X=time in minutes limits time spawning)
-cannon X (SetsTesseract Cannon Projection damage to X%. E.g. -cannon 0.2 sets their damage to 20%)
-replace X (replaces unit type X seamlessly)
-sbank X (saves units and upgrade into bank named X)
-rbank X (restores units and upgrade from the bank named X)
Measuring and logging
-dummy X (spawn a dummy unit that calculates DPS; X= additional armored/light/structure attribute)
-log X (shows/hides log; shows other player if X="2" )
-log clear (clears log)
-pie (shows/hides pie charts for damage log)
-dps (starts and resets DPS counting for selected units)
-dpsstop (stops DPS counting)
-gincome (shows a graph of income rate)
-garmy (shows a graph of army value)
-gapm (shows a graph of APM)
-gkills (shows a graph of kills)
-glost (shows a graph of unit value lost)
-pathcheck (checks pathing between selected unit and camera target)
-eco (enables/disables economic testing)
-val (shows eco testing data)
-copypaste (enables/disables copypasting of units with Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V)
-spawn X Y Z (spawns units; X= unitID, Y= amount; Z= for player)
-getid (get unitID for units onscreen)
-aw X Y (spawns attack wave; X= size, Y= tech)
-attack (orders spawned attack waves to attack)
-remw (removes spawned attack waves)
-aichoice (selects enemy unit comp)
-kill X (kills selected units; X= killing player)
-give X (give selected units to player X)
-switchowner X (give selected units to player X; units keep upgrades)
-refill X (refills enemy pre-placed units; including rocks if X="all")
-horde X (multiplies the amount of pre-placed and attack wave units by X)
-remhorde (removes units spawned by horde command)
-empower X Y (increases health +X*100% and damage +Y*100% of all enemy units and structures)
-teleport (teleports units to camera location)
-restore (refills health, shields and energy)
-cost X (calculates resource and supply cost of units on screen; X= optional distance)
-control X (lets you control all enemy units; alliance status is unaffected; if X=other, control allies)
-clearenemy (removes all enemy units)
-remove (removes selected units)
-clearscreen X (removes units owned by player X at camera location. if X=="unsel", remove unselectable units )
User interface
-toprefresh (refreshes topbar; use if you encounter issues after resuming from replay)
-slim (shows/hides custom user interface)
-look X (makes selected units look at angle X)
-topbar (shows/hides topbar notifications when right-clicking)
-numbers (shows/hides damage and healing numbers)
-ui (shows/hides UI)
-tychui (enables changing the order of outlaw)
-meme (shows/hides meme faces)
-cam (enables/disables full camera control with Q,W,E,A,S,D keys)
-cam reset (resets camera position)
-unlock (unlocks camera from victory/defeat screen)
-trace (Offline only; shows/hides visual debug tracing of effects)
 actorinfodisplay (Offline only; shows/hides actor info)
-listdead (lists all dead units)
-listhidden (lists all hidden units)
-listmissile (lists all missilles)
-listall (lists all units and structures)
-allysupply (shows/hides player 2 supply UI)
-encomps (shows a pretty list of enemy AI comps)
-emotes (shows a list of emotes available for twitch integration with !message)
-buttons (enables/disables showing which buttons are you pressing)
-hotkey X Y (changes the hotkey for button X to Y. This is saved between games.)
-consolereset (resets console skin)
Unit modifications
-ms X (sets movement speed to X for selected units; -ms alone resets)
-acc X (sets acceleration to X for selected unit types; -acc alone resets)
-range X Y (sets weapon range to X for selected unit types; Y specifies which weapon, optional; -range alone resets)
-life X Y (sets max life to X for selected units; shields if Y=2; -life alone resets)
-energy X Y (sets selected units max energy to X. If Y == 'regen', set energy regen to Y. -energy alone resets)
-as X (multiply attack speed for selected unit types by X; -as alone resets)
-mm X (changes projectile speed for one group of units by X; "-mm" adds selected units to group; "-mm clear" clears all units from the group)
-armor X Y (changes armor to X for selected unit types; shield armor if Y=2; -armor alone resets)
-tint X,Y,Z (sets tint color to X,Y,Z in RGB for selected units; in decimal)
-scale X (sets actor scale to X for selected units)
-height X (sets height offset to X for selected units)
-timescale X (increases timescale for selected units to X)
-actorsend X (sends actor message X to selected units)
-xp X (Adds X amount of experience for selected units)
-rad X (Sets movement radius for unit types of all selected units to X)
-airbeh/-groundbeh (Selected units will be a valid target as air or ground exclusively)
-dmg X (changes total damage that selected units deal to X%)
Dead of Night
-pick X Y (picks the first (X) and the second (Y) infested; hunterling/spotter/kaboomer/choker)
-bosspick X (pick a boss unit; Stank/Nydus)
Scythe of Amon
SetSliverAbility X (Sets a fixed order of abilities on Slivers. X =  first ability - deathgrip / shockwave / unstableenergy)
Cradle of Death
cheats (shows cheat info)
SetBranch X Y (sets branch for main objective. X=one/two; Y=left/right)
Several other maps
-options (lets you choose map pattern)

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