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Speedrunning in StarCraft 2 Co-op is in categories Any% and 100% for both teams and solo. Rules and tips for how to solo are in this document, which I maintain. Replay folder is here. The document also contains extensive information about co-op maps, which is useful for both speedrunning and standard play. Contact me for additional information, access to the spreadsheet or an invite to our discord.

What we consider solo
  • Not taking bases that belong to your ally
  • No help from your ally (apart from certain missions with forced cooperation)
  • No resources from your ally (including the initial 50 minerals)
  • Brutal difficulty
  • No cheats or arcade maps
(exact rules in the spreadsheet)

How to solo
  • Ask in chat or a friend to help you solo
  • Use another computer with a different (starter) account
  • Use Sandboxie – software that lets you run multiple instances of StarCraft 2 on your computer
Speedrunning document

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