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October 14, 2019

Bug Hunt VIII

Bug Hunt VIII

This is another post that will look at some important, interesting or just funny bugs in StarCraft II Co-op. Previous posts are here: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7. I would like to thank everyone who either messaged me about bugs or reported them on the official bug report forum. Today's list is:

Unlocking Outlaws

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

If you cancel recruiting an outlaw, it refunds two charges instead of one.

Purchasing outlaws is instant, and so you will need one outlaw reviving first. After that you queue recruiting an outlaw and cancel it few times. Each time you will get one more charge. This way you can unlock all outlaws very quickly. However, the limit of five outlaws still applies.

How to get all outlaws at 7:00 without masteries

Do note that you get the discount on the first outlaw (500/100 instead of 1000/200) only for the first time you click on it. For this reason it's better not to do this trick with the first outlaw – as you would lose this discount.

An economic strategy is to do this trick with the third outlaw who becomes available at 7:00 (no masteries). You let one outlaw die, revive him and unlock 3rd, 4th and 5th outlaw at the same time. All this at the cost of 250 minerals spent on the revive. Alternatively, you can wait until 11:00, and revive Tychus for free with Odin. This way you can unlock 4th and 5th outlaw at the same time at no cost.

Ballistic Zerglings

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

Kerrigan's Raptorlings sometimes fly instead of going through Omega Worms. This happens when they are attacking a target right as they "unload".

This bad boy can launch 90kg Zerglings over 300 meters
Ballistic Zerglings incoming

My guess is that Zergling jump ability uses the old position – before they entered the Nydus – and launches Zerglings from there. Hunter Banelings from HotS campaign display this behavior as well. They were both likely coded similarly, and both units are cliff-jumpers. Other units that use various jump abilities don't exhibit this behavior, although Stetmann's Banelings do look great when jumping straight from a Nydus Worm.

Brood Queen – Ensnare

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

Brood Queens cast Ensnare on buildings, despite the ability having no effect on them.

Ensnare in Co-op reduces movement speed by 50% in 3 point radius for 6 seconds. It also reveals cloaked and burrowed units. This is particularly dangerous to Vorazun, as her units cannot Emergency Recall while under the effect of Ensnare. In Brood War Ensnare also reduces unit attack speed by ~18% (, but that's not the case in Co-op.

Silly Brood Queens

Offensive Harvesting

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

Harvesting bots on Mist Opportunities occasionally wander off their normal path.

This is not Gary!

This behavior is caused by harvesting bots aggroing on enemy units and following them. In this case it was enemy SCVs that were passing by.

Have to kill workers!

The bot has to aggro right as it's reaching the harvesting location. A trigger will disable its move ability, but the bot can still move if it's pursuing an enemy unit.

Trigger ordering bots and disabling their move ability

If the bot starts to harvest terrazine (the second command), it won't pursue enemy targets anymore. It seems that the attack command will squeeze between the first two lines of this script. If we disable the attack ability just for this moment, bots will no longer pursue enemy targets.

Disabling the attack ability just for this step fixes the issue

Mist Opportunities – Bonus

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

Bonus on Mist Opportunities will completely disappear if it times-out while not being visible.

Press F to pay respects to the space whale

The bonus has a special death animation, but it requires player vision so it can properly play out. Otherwise, the model will just disappear.

There are several ways how to fix this – give players vision of the bonus when it's about to time-out; make the death actor visible through the fog-of-war; or create the actor for the carcass in another way.

Temple of the Past – Bonus

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

On a similar note, Zenith Stones on Temple of the Past will be missing in Zeratul's initial map vision.

What Zeratul initially sees
How it looks like after the Zenith Stone has been discovered

It's a similar to the previous issue where the actor won't be created unless you directly see the unit itself. Adding this term seems to work well, and is consistent with other units for both Zeratul and the rest of commanders.

    <CActorUnit id="ZenithStone">
        <FogVisibility value="Visible"/>

Timestop buff & heroes

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

Some heroes aren't affected by Time Stop haste mastery – Dehaka, Nova, Zagara, Kerrigan, Alarak, (Super) Gary, and Tychus' Outlaws after they revive.

This is similar to the issue that is now fixed, but that used to prevent these same heroes from benefiting from on-death effects like Guardian Shell or Emergency Recall. These heroes are created dead, and are only revived when their time comes. The issue is that behaviors (~buffs) that aren't permanent won't be added to dead units, and units won't have them after they revive. This is what happens with Temporal Manipulation behavior which is required for units to benefit from the Time Stop haste.

Suppression Towers

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

If you kill a Suppression Tower on Malwarfare quickly, its minimap icon won't disappear, and you won't get a transmission.

Lowered & Raised Suppression Tower

Suppression Towers are always present on the map, and will only burrow and unburrow at certain times. This also means that on certain mutators enemy units can always spawn from them. Unburrowing is a morph-type ability that transforms a burrowed unit into an unburrowed one. Lowered (burrowed) Suppression Towers are invulnerable and untargetable. Minimap ping is removed when a raised tower is destroyed.

So where is the issue? The problem here is that it's the lowered tower that can be killed. But shouldn't it be invulnerable and untargetable? What happens is that when it's unburrowing, the tower is still considered as lowered, but it's stats are copied from the raised tower – meaning it loses invulnerable and untargetable flags for 3 seconds. The trigger for removing minimap pings checks for the death of a raised tower, but it won't trigger on the death of a lowered tower.

Trigger removing minimap pings and sending transmissions

Vorazun's Timestop, Zeratul's Void Suppression Crystals, and Crooked Sam's Demolition Charge can extend this 3s duration significantly – increasing the chance of encountering this bug.

This behavior is not universal to all morphing units. Value specifying delay on abilities seems to be affecting when the unit turns into another one. With delay set to 0 seconds, it's considered as the final unit from the start.

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

With the second artifact fragment, Void Templar will deal 50 damage to units caught in the path of their Blink ability. However, if they jump between enemy units, the area-of-effect will get messed up – reducing the number of hit enemy units.

Void Templar blink path (turquoise; center) vs area-of-effect (yellow; left)
Multiple Void Templar - area-of-effects going into opposite directions

You would expect the area-of-effect to follow Void Templar blink path, and affect all units in Void Templar path. But in instead it goes in a random direction. This bug is a side-effect of fixing seemingly unrelated issue with Void Templar Blink described in a previous bug hunt.

Changing the impact location of the search effect (ZeratulDarkTemplarBlinkDamageSearch) to the target point of ZeratulDarkTemplarBlinkSet effect ensures that the game knows in which direction the search should go.

How it should look

As a side note, Void Templar don't deal damage to all units inside the yellow area. Affected units also have to be in 180 degree arc behind the Void Templar in order to take damage.

Dead Larvae

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

On Scythe of Amon, if a zerg main structure is killed, all larvae and their cocoons are killed in wide radius.

RIP Larvae

It affects all larvae and cocoons in 10 radius. It's hard to guess what was the point of this, perhaps the map worked differently at some point?

The culprit

Purifier Beam & Safety zones

Update: This issue has been fixed in patch 4.11.0

Enemy Purifier Beam will enter mutator safety zones when it's targeting player units.

This is inconsistent with other mutators. The beam won't go inside the mutator safety zone during its random walk, but it enters if there is a valid target in it. A valid target cannot be close to player starting positions or mineral fields.

Mutator Safety Zone (filled area) vs actual safe area (inside circles)

CT_PurifierBeamTargetValid, function that identifies valid targets for Purifier Beams, should check for mutator safety zones.

Final Note

This concludes the eight edition of bug hunt. Previous posts can be found here: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7. As always, if you encounter any bugs yourself, report them on the official bug report forum.

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