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October 29, 2019

Replay interface

Replay Interface

Custom replay interface lets anyone to see and do more while watching replays. I recently improved my custom replay interface for Co-op, and I thought I would share it. It doesn't aim to overhaul whole UI like interfaces used for tournaments. Instead, it shows you additional information, and lets hide certain UI elements making it very useful for taking screenshots.

Additional info panel


  • Shows masteries
  • Shows commander and map scores
  • Shows player names, kill counts, total damage dealt, and APM (average and current)
  • Can hide various UI elements
  • ....
What can be hidden + shortcuts

Download & install

  1. Download the interface file from either Google Drive or Dropbox
    (For languages not using latin alphabet (KR, CN,..), less pretty but works just as well – Google Drive or Dropbox)
  2. Put the file into your Interfaces folder – location in Windows:
    C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\StarCraft II\Interfaces
  3. Select the interface ingame

Version history

1.0 - Release version
1.1 - Shows total damage score for both players
1.2 - Shows percent of total damage for selected scores (e.g. Damage Dealt by Zeratul)
1.3 - Shows commander names
      - Ability to hide masteries separately
1.4 - Added support for Mengsk
1.5 - Certain map scores calculate percentages as well (e.g., damage dealt to trains)
1.6 - Added mission scores for few mutators (Alien Incubation, Avenger, Void Rifts,  HftS)
      - Separated shared mission scores
      - Added support for custom score: Damage Dealt by Contaminated Strike (only on MM maps)


  • Ctrl+ H - shows/hides all UI
  • CtrL+ I  - shows/hides info panel
  • CtrL+ D - shows/hides masteries
  • Ctrl+ F - shows/hides scores
  • Ctrl+ R - shows/hides replay UI
  • Ctrl+ C - shows/hides chat
Compact info panel, hidden replay UI and no chat
no UI
With Tychus you can see even more stats than on the post-game screen

Few more notes

  • The interface works with different localizations.
  • Scores will appear only if they have non-zero value. Masteries will be always visible so you can compare choices in each power set.
  • New commanders and maps will require an update for this interface to show new masteries and scores.
  • I saved a lot of work by generating a large part of the interface with ingame scripts. This was mainly for commander and map-specific elements (scores, masteries).
  • Hotkeys are configurable if you open the interface in the StarCraft II editor, head to the UI module, and change hotkeys in first few lines.

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