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App changelog

App changelog
APP changelog
  • 20-02-2020
  • 03-03-2020
    • Added cost-efficiency for matchups
    • Unit usage and differential winrates
  • 03-03-2020
    • IEM Katowice 2020 added
    • New chart types (e.g. workers killed by)
    • Proxy location winrates
  • 05-03-2020
    • Added median workers lost per game
    • Added worker slayer stats
    • IEM post
  • 06-03-2020
    • Changed data analysis method.
    • Now filtering out hallucinations.
    • Drones and Zerglings aren't counted as lost when they morph.
    • Game length is now when one player leaves and not replay length.
    • Added hero units and worker slayer for all races.
  • 11-03-2020
    • Added an option to filter games won by certain race
    • Added ability frequency
  • 16-03-2020
    • New charts based on javascript
      • Added upgrade and research median completion time
      • Added median units created for each non-mirror matchup
    • gzip used for slighly lower bandwidth
  • 18-03-2020
    • Fixed some chart scaling
    • Added an option to add a custom text to some chart titles

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