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April 21, 2020

Bug Hunt X

Bug Hunt IX

This is the 10th bug hunt with 10 more bugs from StarCraft II Co-op. Previous bug hunts are here: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9. I would like to thank everyone who either messaged me about bugs or reported them on the official bug report forum. Today's list is:

Vega & Emergency Recall

Vega's Dominate in combination with Vorazun's Emergency Recall will cause Vega to take damage when a dominated invisible or burrowed unit triggers its Emergency Recall.

In certain circumstances the dominated unit won't teleport back and will be immune to any further damage.

When a unit triggers the Emergency Recall, its life is reduced to one and it's teleported to one of player's main structures (Nexus, Command Center, Hatchery, etc.). However, if there isn't a good point for teleport, the unit will be effectively immune to normal damage.

Dominated invulnerable Dark Templar squad
How to take advantage of this?

First you need a Vorazun on your team for Emergency Recall passive ability. Failing to teleport can happen randomly if your main base is close to an unpathable location (e.g., locks on Malwarfare). It's possible that with other commanders you can find a perfect spot to trigger this consistently, but Tychus has a better way.

Lift your Command Center (CC), and move it to a location close to the battle and with enough unpathable space around it. You can replace the CC afterwards and happily mine resources. This CC needs to be the closest to battle. Also, not every CC will be a target for respawn, so it's better to take your main and replace it.

Some Command Centers will have the respawn behavior (red) depending on when they were built

Why does Vega take damage?

The effect sets the life of "caster" to one. Typically the "caster" of Emergency Recall behavior is the main unit that is dying. However, Vega's Dominate ability applies this behavior to the dominated unit – making Vega count as caster as well.

Other notes

This invulnerability doesn't help against Propagators.

Emergency Recall has built in functionality to remove all dot, slow and stun behaviors. This doesn't work on Black Death mutator because the Black Death behavior isn't classified as "Damage Over Time" (dot) despite it being exactly that.

Plasma Blast

Hybrid Dominator can kill units inside Medivac pickup with its Plasma Blast.

It can feel bad if you try to dodge the attack with Medivac – only to find out that they will kill your outlaws anyway. This can happen in any situation where a unit would otherwise survive thanks to being invulnerable or hidden (Guardian Shell, transports, etc.).

Why is it happening?

It seems that the damage effect first deals full damage to the targeted unit without any regards for the targeted unit being hidden or invulnerable. Only after that it does splash damage excluding the targeted unit and filtering invulnerable units.


A solution I like the most is targeting the location of the targeted unit, instead of the unit itself. And then deal splash damage at that point without excluding the targeted unit. Another option is for example adding checks to the missile, but that would destroy the missile early. This way it hits the ground under the Medivac as expected. Adding a separate search effect is yet another option.

Visualized damage with Tychus in the Medivac

Brutal+ vs Weekly mutation

You can play any weekly mutation with just Brutal+ mutators and still get all experience and bounties.

Ready button for mutation is disabled if you select one of Brutal+ difficulties. However, if you first select Brutal+ in normal mission tab and then switch to the mutation tab, you can play weekly mutation with its mutators replaced by a random combination of from the selected Brutal+ difficulty.

First select Brutal+ in mission tab

You will still get all bonus experience and bounties. It's shame this was left in the game, as it devalues the challenge of weekly mutations, especially if we have a mutation as difficult as this week. It can also happen by accident, and can be annoying.

Switch to the mutation tab and play with Brutal+ mutators

Volatile Infested vs Force Fields

Amon's Volatile Infested (InfestedExploder) don't collide with Force Fields.

These Volatile Infested are used on Dead of Night and Miner Evacuation.

Nothing can stop us!
Comparison of collisions between Stukov's Volatile Infested and Amon's

Tychus outlaw purchase

Sometimes you can lock yourself out of outlaws if you queue outlaw purchase and cancel it.

This is an easy mistake to make. If an outlaw dies and is reviving, you can queue purchase of another outlaw. If you change your mind and cancel that action, there is a chance your maximum number of outlaws will be reduced. You will be stuck with fewer outlaws for the rest of the game.

It will be just three outlaws this game

It's possibly a result of fixing a previous bug when you could generate charges similarly by queuing and canceling. (

Zagara Roach Achievement

Roach Rampage counts only kills done by the initial drop pods, and not Roach ranged or melee weapons.

(Roach Rampage = Kill 100 enemy units using Zagara's Infested Drop in a single mission on Hard difficulty)

The achievement is made to count both drop-pod impact damage (ZagaraVoidCoopMassRoachDropCP) and Roach ranged attack (AcidSalivaLM). However, the Zagara's Roach weapons are actually switched to her special variant (using ZagaraAcidSalivaLM). And Roach melee attacks aren't counted either.

Weapons are swapped

Just Die! vs Toxic Nests

Protoss warping units can be killed by Toxic Nests before Just Die! mutator takes effect.

The mutator needs to apply the behavior through triggers first, but Toxic Nests kill the units so fast, that from the trigger point of view, the units are spawned already dead.

Toxic Nests bypassing Just Die! mutator

A fix could be to add a split second invulnerability during units warping in, so the mutator has a chance to take effect. Zerg and Terran waves don't have this issue since they are created invulnerable and hidden in drop pods.

Flame Troopers

When Flame Troopers kill an enemy unit, they draw aggro in wide area. This is the most striking when playing against Mag-nificent mutator.

For some reason using a marker on the "CPO-7 Salamander Flamethrower" weapon causes this issue. When a unit is killed by this weapon, all enemies in a decent-sized area will draw aggro – even Magnetic Mines that normally trigger only on units in 5 radius.

Fire fire fire!

Mengsk's Hologram

Mengsk's hologram on Imperial Witness sometimes does its own thing.

Helmsman, signal the fleet, and take us out of orbit.

Temple vs Mutators

Temple in Temple of the Past mission can often take damage from mutators in a way you cannot prevent.

Mutators are typically made to not damage mission objectives directly, because you cannot do much about that. This is not the case for some mutators and the Temple – which makes certain combinations (close to) impossible.

Bad start

Mutators dealing direct damage to the temple:

  • Mag-nificent
  • Orbital Strike (only if your units are close)
  • Splash from Nuke from Missile Command (only if your structures are close)

Mutators NOT dealing damage to the temple:

  • Going Nuclear
  • Minesweeper
  • Lava Burst
  • Blizzard
  • Purifier Beam

Mutators providing vision to Amon's Laser Drill:

  • Minesweeper
  • Mag-nificent
  • Going Nuclear
  • Temporal Field (direct hit on temple)

Mutators NOT providing vision: Twister, Blizzard, Lava Burst, Time Warp, Purifier Beam

So the main issues are with Mag-nificent mutator that can significantly reduce Temple starting life, and Laser Drill in combination with Minesweeper, Mag-nificent or Going Nuclear.

Final Notes

This concludes the tenth edition of bug hunt. Previous posts can be found here: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9. As always, if you encounter any bugs yourself, report them on the official bug report forum.

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